Liss Brewer is a writer who lives in Brisbane with her partner, children, 3 cats and a lot of plants. She enjoys reading, drinking tea, daydreaming and writing. Her first title, “The Curator – A Memoir of Motherhood” was released worldwide in January 2020. She is currently working on her first fiction novel.

To purchase The Curator you can head to Amazon HERE – available in eBook and paperback. FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

Within Australia you can purchase directly from her site HERE.

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Let Go Of Perfection.

The Curator isn’t a parenting handbook. I won’t give you a bunch of tricks that will miraculously turn your night owl into an infant that sleeps 8 hours at night. It does have a few tips but not a lot unless I think they’re really worthy of passing on – example: pack snacks in your… Continue reading Let Go Of Perfection.

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